Here’s a little trip down memory for an exciting school year! Starting with Cispus, I have a few pictures of our experience at the week-long camp, our October macro sampling with NOSC, our Days of the Dead study, a 1st period video productions class, a rocket launching demo, tree planting with NOSC, and Market Day with more on pages 2 and 3! Enjoy.
2005-06 School Year
Following are a few pictures from Camp Cispus.
We went to Cispus the third week of September back in 2005.
Spirit Lake
Yellow Jacket Pond
By October of 2005 we collected macro samples with NOSC.
Here’s one bug in our creek!
Here are some other bugs.
Then we learned how to make papel picado.
Cut paper banners!
By early November we studied the Days of the Dead!
Calacas or Skeletons
Food :o)
Exploratory Video Productions Class!
In mid-November we got to see Rockets Launch!
4-H Rocket Launching!
This was the big rocket!
Made of styrofoam cups!
We learned about variables with inquiry boards.
In December we planted trees with NOSC!
And we met a horse.
We planted over 400 trees!
Whiteboarding to reflect!
See :o)
Then we had our Market Day!