Science ClassBlogmeister Blogs

Students in Mr. Gonzalez's 6th grade Science each have a blog account. Everything students do in Science has a blog assignment that goes with it as either a reflection, questions they have to answer, or work they share. Here is a sample of how to check your child's Science blog to see what he or she is doing in Mr. G's Science class:

Electronic Portfolio Blog

Using your child's Science blog you can compare the Blog Assignments to his or her completed and published Blog Entries. If your child is missing a blog assignment he or she can work on it at home or at least show you the work in progress if the assignment was started but never published. AND, each Blog Assignment is a link so click on any assignment to see what the assignment is and to see samples of blogs the other students completed! Using this electronic method you can quickly and easily see how your child is doing in Science! Use your child's blog with my Homework/Daily Work website and you'll be able to follow along with everything we do.

The blog will also be used as an electronic portfolio for student-led conferences.