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Student(s) _________________________ Presentation ______________________ Date ________


Introduction/closing (5) ___

Ø    Waited for quiet

Ø    Introduced self/presentation

Ø    Designated question time

Ø    No apologies made

Ø    Had clear closing

Body (5) ___

Ø    Good posture/weight even

Ø    Faced audience/mouth clear

Ø    Gestures informal

Ø    Facial expression

Ø    Eye contact

Ø    Composed

Speech (5) ___

Ø    Volume suited to room

Ø    Clear articulation

Ø    Inflection

Ø    Moderate rate

Ø    Conversational

Language (5) ___

Ø    Appropriate to subject/audience

Ø    Used subject-related vocabulary

Ø    Pronunciation accurate

Presentation Aids (5) ___

Ø    Note cards met criteria

Ø    Good use of cards/no reading

Ø    Aids assisted presentation

Ø    Aids readable by audience

Ø    Aids visually pleasing

Preparation (5) ___

Ø    Ready on time

Ø    Had specific order

Ø    Met time limitations

Ø    Knew material

Ø    Clear evidence of practice





Ø     Wait for audience to be quiet; never talk over them. While you are waiting, breathe and focus on what you are doing.

Ø     Introduce self and presentation. Designate if questions will be taken during or after presentation.

Ø     Know time limits; have watch/clock in view.

Ø     Never apologize for your work.

Ø     Have a clear closing.


Ø     Have even weight distribution on both feet. Stand still. Lean on nothing.

Ø     Use hands to gesture informally.

Ø     Face your audience/hold nothing in front of your mouth/have nothing in your mouth.

Ø     Facial expression relaxed.

Ø     Make eye contact with audience.

Ø     Be composed/no laughing/take your time/think about what you are saying.


Ø     Suit voice volume to room; people in back can hear; those in front are comfortable.

Ø     Articulate your words – no mumbling or slang.

Ø     Use inflection in voice.

Ø     Speech rate is even and moderate.

Ø     Do not memorize what you will say. Know it. Use conversational delivery.


Ø     Language is appropriate to audience, subject, place and purpose of presentation. Use subject-related vocabulary and correct pronunciation.

Presentation Aids

Ø     Use large note cards for notes: dark ink/large print/double-spaced/NO complete sentences.

Ø     Do not read from PowerPoints or posters; points on such aids are highlights; you provide additional information.

Ø     Aids meet school graphics/note card guidelines.


Ø    Practice your presentation for time, content and appearance. Ask for feedback.