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PAR Reading Strategies




Get your brain ready!

  What do I already know?

  Does this remind me of something?

  What questions do I have?

  What do I predict is going to happen?

  What can I preview before I read?

(Titles, pictures, graphs, etc.)

What can I do to HELP me understand and remember what I read?


  Use strategies to solve hard words.

  Keep notes.

  Picture it in your mind.


  Don't accept nonsense.

  Stop every so often and check your understanding (mini summary).

  Read between the lines.

  Search for connections

- text to text

- text to self

- text to world

  Ask yourself questions.

    Ask someone else if all other strategies have failed.

What have I learned, how do I feel, and what do I understand after reading?

(Final review and evaluation)

  Talk about it with someone else.

Write or give a response on your opinions and feelings.

  Write or give a summary.

  Re-visit your original questions and see if you found the answers you were looking for.

  Go back to your first predictions and see if you were on the right track or not.

    Come up with more questions.