How is my child doing in Mr. G's Science class?

Students in Mr. Gonzalez's 6th grade Science classes are using a great online system to keep track of all their Science work and learning. It's called 3D GameLab (3DGL) and works like a Learning Management System or LMS for those of you familiar with that. That's just fancy talk for your one stop place for all your child's Science work. So by having your child log into their 3DGL account you can see how your child is doing in Science!

That's the short answer. Keep reading for the looooong answer. :)

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You probably have noticed by now that Mr. G does things differently than when you were in school (and yes, he is writing about himself in the third person). To see what makes Mr. G tick, check out his extensive resume (not for the faint hearted but will at least explain why he does all this stuff).

If the 3DGL interface seems like a video game, that was done on purpose. Games are motivating and some of the elements of games that keep kids playing are having a challenge that isn't too easy or too hard, leveling up to show progress, constant feedback on how they are doing, and badges to show all they've achieved. There's more but at least those I've mentioned are all happening when your child uses 3DGL to complete Science work. What follows is a example of how you can use 3DGL to see your child's progress in Science whether they enjoy the gaming elements or not.

Click on any of the images below to see a bigger version of it (in case your eyes are as bad as mine - I have progressive, nice way to say bifocals old man, lenses).

This is what you see when your child logs in to his or her 3D GameLab account:

3DGL Main Screen

This is the part of the 3D GameLab account that shows your child's progress (when he or she clicks on his or her name):

3DGL Player Card Top

3DGL Player Card Bottom

Use your child's 3DGL account with my Homework/Daily Work website and you'll be able to follow along with everything we do.

Here's an example of how you can see what your child is doing in Science:


Here's the class blog with all the students' blogs and standards and learning targets we are currently working on. And here's how to use your child's blog as an electronic portfolio.

Here's a link to our Class Discussion Forum (we call it Shivtr).

If you're curious as to my research on grades and feedback, these blog posts I've been writing have some resources and thoughts.

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