Mr. González's Science Online Progress Reports

Welcome to Mr. González's online progress reports. Accessing your child's progress report online saves paper and gives you a view of what your child is learning in Science by viewing the Science standards and Learning Targets we are studying and learning!

If you need more information on what your child is learning in Science please visit my HW/Daily Activities webpage where I record what we do in class each day. You can see exactly what your child is learning and I post deadlines there as well. Another way to see what your child is learning and doing in Science class have your child show you his or her 3D GameLab account (click to learn more). The 3D GameLab site has more detailed information about your child's progress in Science.

Use the standards and learning targets from these online progress reports to know what to ask your child about what he or she is learning in Science. Knowing the standards gives you an idea of what to ask. The standards we are learing are very general and we will be learning about them in several ways over many weeks. So if your child isn't quite detailed yet in his or her responses I hope that as we learn more and do more the responses will improve and become more detailed. That's what I'm looking for from my students!

Al González

Click on the current Semester to access your child's Science progress report:

1st Semester (Final Progress Report)
2nd Semester (Midterm Progress Report)

Students can work on an complete any Science activity, except from certain labs, at any point in the school year. So just because we've moved on doesn't mean your child can't learn it.