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Revised: July 23, 2006 .
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Chimacum Middle School's
Water Quality Project!

Here we are at the Creek hard at work.Pass your cursor over this picture to learn more about our Water Quality Study. Oh, and it's also a link.






The BIBI Results for 2005 are in!

For 2005 our creek got 14! (What happened?)
For 2004 our creek got 22
For 2003 our creek got 18
For 2002 our creek got 16

The scores are out of a possible 50 where anything 10-24 is low biological integrity, 25-39 is moderate biological integrity, and 40+ is high biological integrity. These scores are site specific, and may vary from reach to reach, but combined with other sites' data gives an overall view of the stream's integrity. We definitely have an upward trend going here. After a few more years we will have enough data to see more trends. In the meantime, we are busy trying to figure out what this data means in comparison to all our other data that shows a healthy creek here near our school.