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Mt Saint Helens, Sept 2005

(Click on each picture for a larger copy.)

MSH from Windy Ridge.
This is the view we get from Windy Ridge.

Closer view of MSH from Windy Ridge.
Here's a close-up from Windy Ridge. (Click here to see what we saw in 2006.)

MSH from Spirit Lake.
Here is the view from Spirit Lake.

Closer view of MSH from Spirit Lake.
Here's a close-up from Spirit Lake.

Here are photos of the Mt Saint Helens lava dome from September 2006 from the USGS site:

Crater shot.

Dome from East.

This picture has no bigger version of it (this is as big as it gets).

Sept 13, 2006 view  from Sugarbowl.

Now click here to read some Mt Saint Helens eruption facts (for your Cispus Journal)!