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The Parents Corner

Welcome to the Parents corner!

Please sign up for my class Bloomz if you haven't already (your Bloomz Class code was sent home with your child). Bloomz is the best and easiest way for me to communicate with you on a regular basis. You will get Bloomz updates as text messages or you can check the app or the website. Besides updates of what is happening in Science I will also include photos of what we will be doing in class and information about your child's behavior. Bloomz is great and you can send me messages through Bloomz too without us needing to exchange or use our phone numbers! Email me if you need your class code again at or give me a call to leave a message at 302-5960 or keep scrolling down and you'll see a link to the sign up form I sent home.

Here's a video of me explaining one way to use Bloomz (or click here for reasons to sign up):

Here's a video to show you what my websites are all about and which ones you'll find most useful (click here to see how to see how your child can fix returned assigments):

Beginning of year handouts in case you need extra copies or digital copies (some of these are only digital so that I could save paper):

  1. Mr. G's Science Class Intro Letter (this one went home with students)
    1. Bloomz Login Code for Period 1 
    2. Bloomz Login Code for Period 2 
    3. Bloomz Login Code for Period 3 
  2. Cispus Packet (this went home with students)
  3. Class Syllabus For Science (I never sent this one home so that we can save paper)
  4. 6th grade Standards (I did not send this one home so that we can save paper)
  5. Class Syllabus For Exploratory Tech (I sent this one home with students)
  6. Blogger's Contract (Given to students to put in their notebooks.)
  7. Lab Safety Contract (Given to students to put in their notebooks.)
  8. Science Drawings Guidelines (Given to students to put in their notebooks.)
  9. 6th grade Summer Letter (in case you never got it and want to see it)

Radar ButtonHere is a summary of the different parts of my websites that you might find most useful:

  1. First of all gets you to all my websites. Joining our class Bloomz service will give you regular updates so you will always know what is going on in Mr. G's classes including how your child is behaving!)
  2. My school phone number is 302-5960. Feel free to leave me a voicemail if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Another way to get a hold of me is to email me at
  4. On the homework and daily work section of my website you can see everything your child is doing and learning in Science. This is great resource for anyone who gets sick or goes on vacation! Use my homework and daily work section at and your child never has to miss all of their Science class!
  5. To check your child's Standards-Based Grade Progress Reports you'll be going to Skyward Family Access and use the login information you get from the office (or the one you've been using).
  6. Next, for some information about the 3D GameLab interface kids are using in Science, click here.
  7. Students are blogging to write about what they are learning in Science so ask your child to see his or her blog to check it out and see what they’re writing about. Please leave your child comments on his or her blog.
  8. And feel free to Like my Classroom Facebook Page for Science, Technology, and Education links, resources, pictures and videos. This is a Facebook page and does NOT require you or your child to friend Mr. G or anyone else.

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