Rubric for Organization

5 Points: Clear and Compelling Direction
I've chosen an order that works well and makes the reader want to find out what's coming next.

  1. My beginning gets the reader's attention and gives clues about what's coming next.
  2. Every detail adds a little more to the main idea or story.
  3. All my details are in the right place; everything fits like a puzzle.
  4. I ended at a good spot and didn't drag on too long. I left my reader with something to think about.


3 Points: Some really smooth parts, others need work.
The order of my story/paper makes sense most of the time.

  1. I have a beginning, but it really doesn't grab you or give you clues about what is coming.
  2. Sometimes it is not clear how the details I have used connect to the main idea or story.
  3. Some of my details are in the right spot, but some should come earlier or later.
  4. I've lingered too long in some places, and sped through others.
  5. I have a conclusion, it just isn't the way I want it yet. I may have gone on too long or just tried to sum up in a ho hum way.


1 Points: Not shaped yet
The order in my paper is jumbled and confused. I'm feeling dizzy!

  1. There isn't really a beginning or ending to my paper. It kind of just takes off.
  2. I'm confused about how the details fit with the main idea.
  3. My ideas seem scrambled, jumbled and disconnected. It's confusing.
  4. Conclusion? Oops, I forgot.

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