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Chimacum Middle School

Tree Planting Along Chimacum Creek

2004-05 Tree Planting:

Helping the creek.
Kids hard at work!

Kids at work.

Learning how to plant the trees.

2005-06 Tree Planting:

This section needs trees.
This part of the creek really needs some vegetation so the creek can have shade.

Digging the holes for planting.

Watering the freshly planted trees.

Tree planting.

Here are some pictures of the 2005-06 Hood Canal Youth Summit:

Students from different schools sharing ideas.
Here are kids from different schools sharing data and discussing how to help their watersheds.

Learning about tunicates.
Kids learning about tunicates.

Fish exploration boat.

Water quality presentation.

A very large Pacific Northwest crab.
This monster is native to the Pacific Northwest!

Tunicates presentation.