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Earth Science Links:
Prentice Hall Science Explorer Earth Science Textbook

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Class Syllabus

Earth Science Links

Soil Sites

Biomes Journalism Webquest:

Start here with two Biome and Weather Activities

The Biome Journalism Project

The Biome Worksheet

Wind Pattern Resources

Ocean Currents

Team 1 - Tropical Forest Team 6 - Savanna
Team 2 - Desert Team 7 - Polar & High Mountain Ice
Team 3 - Chaparral Team 8 - Temperate Grassland
Team 4 - Temperate Deciduous Forest Team 9 - Coniferous Forest
Team 5 - Tundra (Arctic & Alpine) Team 10 - Freshwater & Marine

Biome Commercial Rubric

Biome Commercial Scoring Grid



Cycle Links
Cycle 1
  Observation vs Inference Handouts
Cycle 2

Act 1:
How do we observe and measure? (Handout)
Physical Scales of Observation Handout

Act 2:
Energy Transfer Diagrams Handout
Mechanical Energy Transfer

Act 3:
Measurement Lab
Properties of Materials Lab
Density Summarizing Questions
Density Lab

Glacier Study

Heat and Expansion
Temperature and Density

Act 4:
Isostasy Initial Ideas
Isostasy Lab
Isostasy Simulator Predictions
Isostasy Simulator

Calculating Density Quiz

3-D Map Initial Ideas
Earth Rocks Density Lab

Online Resource Activities:

Act 1 - Mission Max - An Earth Science Reinforcement Game

The League of Scientists - Science Games, which include Earth Science

Act 2:
The Heat is On! (Conduction, Convection, and Radiation WebQuest!)


Act 3 - Weathering and Erosion Webquest





Act 4:
The Density Dilemma (Discover which crown is made of gold.)
**(Click here to download the Density Dilemma rubrics.)

Floating Crayons Lab and here are the Inquiry Boards to write up the lab.

Density and Buoyancy - Sink or Float (Determining whether objects will sink or float.)
Sink or Float Quiz

Cycle 3

Act 1:
Earth Movement Project

Energy Transfer Diagramming

Act 2:

Cycle 4

Act 1:

Act 2:

Earthquakes Waves Lab (I don't put the earthquake waves activity here because I didn't create it.)

Earthquakes (The basics)

How to find an epicenter?

Make Your Own Quake

Stream Table Labs

Rocks Rock!

Cycle 5
  Act 1:


Earth Science Links
Rocks and Minerals:


Earth Science (check the Minerals and Rocks section!)

Diamonds, Rocks, And Minerals: All About Mineralogy

The Rock Cycle and Identifying Rocks

How to Identify Rocks

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks for Kids

The Rock Cycle

Mineral Definitions and Properties

How to Test the Hardness of a Mineral

Mineral Gallery - Hardness

Hardness of Minerals & Rocks

Mineral Hardness

Rainbow Obsidian


USGS - Obsidian

Thunder Eggs

Thunder Egg Description

Devil's Tower National Monument

Petrified Wood Homepage

Geo Mysteries site

Birth Stones
Birth Stones, more

Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate Hot Topics!

Weather and Climate Links

Weather Activity

Weather vs Climate



Volcano Links from CybraryMan
Visit a Volcano - the Cascade Range Volcanoes
Volcanoes Online

Make your own Volcano
A Geological Guidebook to Dante's Peak
How Volcanoes Work
Animated Guide: Volcanoes
Types of Volcanoes

Silica Level Chart
The Virtual Lava Tube
The Three Types of Lava
Lava Flows
Eruption Styles
Ash and Tephra


Hot Spots: Mantle Thermal Plumes


Mt Saint Helens Links:
Mt Saint Helens Before, During and After
Mt Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument
The Many Faces of Mt Saint Helens
USGS, Mt Saint Helens
Eruptions of Mt Saint Helens

Infrared Images of Mt Saint Helens


Mt. Rainier Links
Mt. Rainier Hazards Report 1998
Electron and Osceola Mudflow Maps
Another Map (pdf)
PNS Webicorder Displays
Mt. Rainier USGS site
Mt. Rainier site with seismicity info
Mt. Rainier, Decade Volcano
Mt. Rainier website with picts
Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier Warning Sirens Repaired
One of the next five disasters?


What Causes Earthquakes?
What are Earthquakes?
The Earthquake Museum
Earthquake Faults
Fault Animations
Faults and Earthquakes
Mountain Formation
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Washington's 2/28/01 earthquake

The Asian Tsumani 9.0 Quake

Pacific Northwest Earthquake Info
Earthquake Hazards Program

What is a seismograph?
What is a Seismologist?



Basalt and Granite
(Read this webpage to understand why oceanic plates subduct under continental plates.)

Plate Tectonics

Earth's Magnetic Pole Reversal Info Sites


The Polar Regions





  Soil Sites