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Energy Transfer Diagrams

Review how a mechanical energy transfer is diagrammed by clicking here (Netbooks and iMacs will work okay, on iPads you need to view this using the Puffin Browser because it's a Flash animation).

  1. Get your notebook.
  2. Remember how you diagrammed an electrical energy transfer in 6th grade? Try drawing the energy transfer diagram in your notebook to show how a battery is charged using the diagram below.
  3. Now show how the energy transfers when a battery lights a bulb.
  4. Even in Earth Science we can diagram energy transfers. Remember how heat energy moves in conduction, convection and radiation from 7th grade Science? Try diagramming how heat transfers from a pan to an egg when you fry an egg. Guess. Being wrong is the worse that can happen and that ain't so bad (learn from mistakes and have a growth mindset by continuing to try).
  5. Now diagram how the heat from a light bulb warms your hand.
  6. And finally, diagram how a heat energy transfers from a bulb in a lava lamp to make a lump of wax expand, become less dense, and float to the top of the lamp. Use warmer wax and cooler wax as the source and receiver for this one. Hmm, that's what happens in our planet's mantle and that's what causes continental drift. Imagine if Alfred Wegener had known that!
  7. Let's try Life Science. Show how energy transfers from the sun to a plant. Just guess, you can check it later.
  8. Next show how energy transfers when a rabbit eats the plant.
  9. And now show how energy transfers when a wolf eats the rabbit.


Energy transfer diagram.