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Research-Related Stuff:

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Habits of Mind, Intelligence Unveiled

Multiple Intelligences

Learning Styles

Involvement Strategies

An Explanation of Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

Bloom's Taxonomy

Why Collaborate?

Multimedia and Copyright

Informed Consent Agreement Lesson

Plagiarism Lesson

Copyright and Fair Use in Schools

Differentiated Instruction
What is Differentiated Instruction?
Differentiated Instruction Links
Differentiated Instruction Diagram
What is Differentiated Instruction?
Tech and D.I. Web Resources
Teaching in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

How many computers in the classroom?
Strategies for comps in the classroom
Classroom or lab?
Labs vs Comps in class integration
NEA - Should labs be phased out?
Managing Integration in the 1 comp class
Ideas for the 1 comp classroom
Tips for 1 comp for 25 students
Useful Apps and Technology for the Classroom

The One Computer Classroom Resources:
The One Computer Classroom
The One Computer Classroom: From Reward to Treasure
A Hotlist on One Computer Class
One Computer Classroom: Project Based Learning
Tip Sheet: Classroom Management
Teacher Resource Center: One Computer Classroom

Some research on school start time and teenage sleep:
School Start Time Study - 1998
School Start Time Study - 2001
Sleep for Science - School Start Time
Teens, Sleep and School
Later School is Better!


Educational Links:

RubiStar - Create Rubrics for your projects online!


Website Evaluation Standards

Nasa's Teaching Earth Science

The Lab Safety Institute

U.S. Copyright Office Homepage

Acceptable Use Policies Handbook

Educational Technology Support Center

OESD 114

ESD 189

Tools for Teachers & Students

Awesome Geography Quizzes!

Software Basics for Elem Teachers

Learning Styles:

Applying What We Know
Learning Styles
Tailoring Assessment to Learning Styles
Student Learning & Faculty Teaching Styles
The Web's Impact on Student Learning
Learning & Teaching Styles
Student Learning Styles & Differences in Instruction
Learning Styles & Study Skills

Lesson Plans:

Earth Science Lesson Plans
Score Science Lessons
Earth Science Lesson Plans
Learning Web at USGS
Science Lessons
Sign up for Lesson Planet
Teacher Developed Earth Science Lesson Plans