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Rocks/Minerals and Volcanoes || Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics || Earth's Pole Reversal || Water Quality || Soil Sites || Owl Pellets || Scientists || Miscellaneous || Ecology || Lab Safety || Health || Fractal Geometry &
Chaos Math
|| Energy, Machines, and Motion


Rocks and Minerals:


Earth Science (check the Minerals and Rocks section!)

Diamonds, Rocks, And Minerals: All About Mineralogy

The Ring of Rock Formation

Guide to Rocks & Minerals

The Rock Cycle and Identifying Rocks

How to Identify Rocks

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks for Kids

The Rock Cycle

Mineral Definitions and Properties

How to Test the Hardness of a Mineral

Hardness of Minerals & Rocks

Mineral Hardness

Rainbow Obsidian


USGS - Obsidian

Thunder Egg Description

Devil's Tower

Petrified Wood

Birth Stones

Soil Links!

Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate Hot Topics!

Weather and Climate Links

Weather Activity

Weather vs Climate

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Volcano Links from CybraryMan
Visit a Volcano - the Cascade Range Volcanoes
Volcanoes Online

Make your own Volcano
A Geological Guidebook to Dante's Peak
How Volcanoes Work
Animated Guide: Volcanoes
Types of Volcanoes

Silica Level Chart
The Virtual Lava Tube
The Three Types of Lava
Lava Flows
Eruption Styles
Ash and Tephra


Hot Spots: Mantle Thermal Plumes


Mt Saint Helens Links:
Mt. Saint Helens
Mt Saint Helens Before, During and After
Mt Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument
The Many Faces of Mt Saint Helens
USGS, Mt Saint Helens
Eruptions of Mt Saint Helens

Infrared Images of Mt Saint Helens


Mt. Rainier Links
Mt. Rainier Hazards Report 1998
Electron and Osceola Mudflow Maps
Another Map (pdf)
PNS Webicorder Displays
Mt. Rainier USGS site
Mt. Rainier site with seismicity info
Mt. Rainier, Decade Volcano
Mt. Rainier website with picts
Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier Warning Sirens Repaired
One of the next five disasters?


What Causes Earthquakes?
What are Earthquakes?
The Earthquake Museum
Earthquake Faults
Fault Animations
Faults and Earthquakes
Mountain Formation
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Washington's 2/28/01 earthquake

The Asian Tsumani 9.0 Quake

Pacific Northwest Earthquake Info
Earthquake Hazards Program

What is a seismograph?
What is a Seismologist?


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Basalt and Granite
(Read this webpage to understand why oceanic plates subduct under continental plates.)

Plate Tectonics

Earth's Magnetic Pole Reversal Info Sites






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Water Quality
Water Quality Website Requirements

Water Quality Database

Storyboard Rubric || Storyboard Scoring Sheet
Website Rubric || Website Scoring Sheet


What is pH?
Water Quality pH

How pH Meters Work
The Power of Hydrogen!
Water Quality - pH
pH Values of Water
Why is pH Important
Water Properties: pH

What does pH stand for?
potential of Hydrogen
power of Hydrogen


What is Turbidity?
Stream Sediments
Turbidity 1
Turbidity 2
Turbidity 3

Turbidity 4

Nitrates & Nitrites

The Nitrogen Cycle
Another Nitrogen Cycle Website
What are Nitrates and Nitrites?
Nitrates in Drinking Water
The Nitrogen Cycle
Ammonia - Wikipedia
Nitrates - Wikipedia
Eutrophication - Wikipedia

What Relative Humidity Means
Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity - Wikipedia


Arsenic in Groundwater
Arsenic: EPA
Toxicity, Cyanide
Consumer Factsheet on Cyanide

PT Leader Article: Dosewallips Park Grapples with Growth

PT Leader Article: Anderson Lake off limits after water kills two dogs

  Conductivity and Water Quality
Conductivity Info
Why is Conductivity Important?
MicroSiemens to Salt
Conductivity and Salinity
Salinity (READ THIS)
Water Conductivity in Stream Environments
Water Quality Monitoring: Conductivity to Salinity

Chimacum Creek Results from 1994!!


Monitoring of Biological Integrity (BUG Group!)

Sarah's 2002 Benthic Macroinvertebrate PowerPoint Presentation
North Olympic Salmon Coalition
Macroinvertebrate Key
Benthic Macroinvertebrates
(Permission to use bug picts received on 3-3-04.)
Indicator Species

Catalog of Aquatic Macros
(Permission to use bug picts received on 1-25-08.)

Salmon Species
Salmon Species (better picts)

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Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.)

Dissolved Oxygen Links
Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Oxygen in Water

Dissolved Oxygen, Why is it Important?

General Oxygen Info
D. O. Criteria
(Permission to use DO Criteria pict received on 3-5-04.)


Water Temperature
Stream Temperature

Water Quality - Temperature
Water Quality - Temperature Change

Flow Rate

Water Cycle Stream Flow
Stream Flow

How Stream Flow is Measured
Online Flow Rate Converter
Flow Rate for Trout Hatchery

Stream Flow
Stream Flow Question
Effect of Stream Flow on Salmon

(Read Stream Flow paragraph after you learn what PDO means.) 
Salmon Habitat
Limiting Factors of Flow Rate
The Watershed Story (a GOOD one!)

General Info

Water Quality Buoy Data
Water Quality

Water Quality Primer
North Olympic Salmon Coalition
Wild Olympic Salmon
Rivers and Streams
Rivers, Streams, and Creeks

Total Phosphorus
Nitrates & Phosphates
Total Phosphate
Phosphates and Pollution
Streams Reduce Nitrogen


Fecal Coliform Bacteria
Fecal Coliform Bacter (Another site)
What does it mean?
Total and Fecal
Fecal Coliform in Streams
Fecal Coliform Bacteria and Water Testing
Total and Fecal Coliform Bacteria
(To use the bacteria pict, click here for proper citation.)
Bacteria Growing on EMB Levine Agar
Enterobacter Aerogenes Bacteria
Acinetobacter baumannii

Dangerous E-coli Strain

Carbon Dioxide Test
Parts Per Million
Carbon Dioxide
The Carbon Cycle

Hard Water
Hard Water Explanation
Household Water Quality - Hardness

(Permission to use the following picture, click here for pict, recieved on 3-1-04.)
Water Hardness
Parts Per Million

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
TDS & Water Quality

Silica Links
Crystalline Silica
Test Method for Silica in Water
Silica Water Interactions

Silica in Water Article

Tannins in Streams
Tannins in Clean Water
CO2 & Tannins

Air Pressure!

Air Pressure
Atmospheric Pressure

Air Pressure and Humidity

Hood Canal Info and Maps!

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Soil Sites

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Owl Pellet Lab

Owl Pellet Lesson
Owl Pellet Rubric (goes with above lesson)
Owls of North America
Owl Pellet Resources
Dissecting Owl Pellets

Dissecting Owl Pellets
Owl Pellets Word Download (for Mac)
Owl Pellets Word Download (for Win)
(scroll down to Ecology/Environmental)
Owl Pellet Lesson

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Featured Scientists

Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)
Brilliant rogue Astronomer

Tribute to Carl Sagan
Scientific American: Carl Sagan

Alfred Wegener (1880 - 1930)
Came up with Continental Drift Theory

Wegener and Pangaea
Alfred Wegener

Dorothy Crowfoot (1910 - 1994)
Brilliant Chemist, did amazing stuff!

Bio Page
Nobel Museum Bio

Marie Curie (1867-1934)
Famous for her work on Radioactivity.

Cool History Site
Nobel Museum Bio

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Miscellaneous Earth Science Sites


Dinosaur Extinction Theory

Welcome to Thinking Fountain!

Strata - Science Museum of Minnesota

Paleozoic Era: Life

The Paleozoic Era

Maps of Ancient Earth


Earth History

Global Earth History

Geologic Ages of Earth

650 Million Years Ago

Earth Views|| Destination: Earth || Discovery Science
For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise|| Nasa Education Programs
Nasa's Earth Observatory || Spacelink: Earth

Project Starshine

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Ecology Intro
Global Warming

EPA Site

Global Warming


Ocean Pollution

Air Pollution


Recycling Factoids

Consumer Recycling







Wildlife & Ecosystems

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Endangered Species

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Saving Energy

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Lab Safety Links:

Lab Safety Site (comprehensive)|| Flinn Scienctific Safety (comprehensive)
Lab Safety (limited)

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Alphabetic List of Specific Diseases/Disorders

6th grade Chimacum Middle School science curriculum

Science Essential Academic Learning Requirements

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EMM Links

The EMM Student Website

Carolina's STC/MS Website (EMM)

Serial and Parallel Battery Configurations

Series and Parallel Batteries Connections

Simple Machines Webquest


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