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Fish Trapping to Count Chimacum Creek Fish

The Jefferson Conservation District has volunteers throughout Jefferson County trapping and counting fish. Here is a trap with half a piece of bread as bait.

The trap is made of two halves that are latched. Then the traps are placed in the water at three different places.
This is our station A.
Station B
Station C
The traps are tied to trees to keep them anchored.
The fish swim in through a small opening so only fry are caught. The traps are left for 24 hours. If fish are caught, they are identified, counted and returned to the water unharmed.
Trap is laid and left for 24 hours.


Fish are transferred to a large bucket.
Then moved to a jar to id.

A glass jar works best (so we can see the fish).
We identify the fish, count them, record it all and then return them to the creek.