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2006-07 Grants

I got a Target Field Trip Grant for $1,000. The money paid for one 6th grade Hood Canal field trip and the 7th grade boat trip.

I also got a Best Buy Teacher award for $2,500 and that grant entitled me to apply for a school grant for $15,000. I got that one too and was able to purchase the following for our school:

10 USB flash drives

10 Canon ZR800 mini-dv camcorders

10 Fuji Finepix 6.3 Megapixel digital cameras

and 10 Apple 2.0 Ghz iMacs (which get to be in my classroom)

Towards the end of the 06-07 school year, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Thomsen, Mr. DiPrete, Mr. Olafson, and Ms. Langston found out that they got an HP Technology for Teaching Grant for a 2007-08 Math/Science project! They each got the following:

An HP Tablet

A new projection device

A photosmart digital camera

an OfficeJet printer, and all sorts of accessories such as printer cable, laptop carrying case, extra ink cartridges, etc.