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Daily Activities
Week 8, 2/5 to 2/9

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure something wasn't changed at the last minute.)

Last updated on Friday, February 9, 2007, 4:34pm

Progress reports for the midterm handed out to all students on Friday, 2/9!

Daily Schedule
1st per -7:35am to 8:37am
2nd per- 8:41am to 9:33am
3rd per - 9:37am to 10:29am
Eagle Time: 10:33am to 11:00am
Lunch - 11:00am to 11:32am
4th per - 11:36am to 12:28pm
5th per - 12:32pm to 1:24pm
6th per - 1:28pm to 2:20pm

6th grade Science:

Monday - Students continued to work EMM lesson 11 today, part 2.

HW - None

Tuesday - The goal is to finish the EMM lesson 11 lab today.

HW - Tests were passed back today. Students were asked to fix their incorrect answers on a separate sheet of paper. Please staple your paper with corrected responses to the back of your test and turn that in to Mr. G.

Wednesday - We will work on the EMM lesson 11 reflection questions today to finish this lesson. If we have time we'll start lesson 12 on pulleys.

HW - None

Thursday - We are now working on EMM lesson 12, The Pulley, p. 108.

HW - None

Friday - Students will continue to work on EMM lesson 12 today.

HW - Take home your progress report and show your parents. If you bring it back signed, you will get $20 class money.


7th grade Science:

Monday - Today students will read a selection of scientist's ideas on isostasy, density and gravity. We began to practice calculating the density of an iceberg when the density of salt water is not quite 1.0 g/ml.

HW - Students can still turn in any of their three quizzes, corrected, for a better grade. I'm also available everyday at lunch for extra help or just if they want to come in and help.

Also, since we're halfway through our school year it's time that we switch notebooks. If your child did not turn in her or his second notebook at the beginning of the year, please buy a new one for science. The composition notebooks have been working very well.

Tuesday - We finished calculating the density of an iceberg using the isostasy information we learned.

Then students shared ideas as to what happens when the top of an iceberg melts.

HW - Same as Monday

Wednesday - Teams are going to share their answers from yesterday's iceberg melting question.

We then took what students learned to discuss a theory of what happens to continental crust as mountains and shorelines get weathered down (the isostasy theory).

HW - Same as Monday

Thursday - Today we will start the Earth Movement project. We will begin with the initial questions.

HW - Same as Monday

Friday - Today we will continue working on our Earth Movement project.

Today students used a map of the earth to see if they can draw the tectonic plate boundaries. Then each team shared some of their boundaries on a whiteboard and reasons why they thought the boundaries were where they placed them.

HW - Same as Monday and take your progress report home and show your parents. Bring it back on Monday signed and get five extra credit points.




8th grade Computers:

Monday - This week we will begin to learn how to use Dreamweaver to create websites. Before we learn the program students will begin by storyboarding their ideas for a website.

HW - Blog

Tuesday - Work on your storyboards.

HW - Blog

Wednesday - Work on your storyboards.

HW - Blog

Thursday - Work on your storyboards.

HW - Blog

Friday - Finish storyboarding.

HW - Blog and take your progress report home and show your parents. Bring it back on Monday signed and get five extra credit points.

Email me if you have any questions or concerns.