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Latin American Business Relocation Ad
Market Day Preparation

Pick a country in Latin America. What does it have to offer?

Latin America Map
Click on a Latin American Region

Phase 1: Choose your team country!

  1. Take a pre-test and see what you know about Latin America.
  2. Choose teams of two to four people. (These will be your Market Day teams!)
  3. Then each person in your team will choose a Latin American Country to research!
    • Each person in a team must choose one of the following countries (only one person can pick from each of the three major regions - unless you are in a team of four, in which case you will have two choose from South America):
      • México and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama)
      • West Indies (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico)
      • South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela)
  4. Each student will research his or her country by filling out a Fact Sheet.
  5. Once every student in the group has filled out a Fact Sheet, the team will meet and share what they each learned about his or her country. As a team, choose which country your entire team will represent.

Phase 2: Research reports and projects!

  1. Find the major cities in your country.
  2. Each team must produce a one page written report on their country focusing on at least three of their major cities. Click here for the rubric/evaluation sheet for your report.
  3. Each team must also produce one project of their own creation. Click here for a list of items to include in your project. Ideas for projects could include:
    • A hand drawn large map of your country.
    • Some other drawing of things having to do with your country or its people.
    • A diorama.
    • A poster.
    • A collage.
    • A pretend diary-like story taking place somewhere in your city (read it to the class).
    • A legend (read it to the class or act it out dramatically).
    • A timeline of your country's history or your city's history.
    • A historical play of your country or city.
    • Anything else your team decides (just run it by your teacher first).
  4. Click here for your Country Research Debrief Sheet.

Phase 3: Business Relocation Ad Poster!

  1. As a team, choose one of the major cities of your country (your team's favorite).
  2. Using what you learned about your city in Phase 2 of this project, create a one-page ad using Microsoft Word.
  3. The ad will be based on the following webpage (click here).

Phase 4: Market Day and Post Test!

  1. Your team will prepare a booth based on your country and city (could be based on more than one of your country's cities).
  2. Sell items (crafts and/or food) typically found in your country and/or city or cities.

CIA: The World Factbook (Click on your country from the drop down menu.)
CIA: The World Factbook - South America
CIA: The World Factbook - Central America
CIA: The World Factbook - México

You can also click on the map on this page for a few more websites (hint: click on a region to go to a different website).

For more information on your country you will have access to books in class.

You will also be able to use to search for even more information and pictures of your country!