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González's Documents in Word

Letters to parents

6th grade 10-11 Syllabus

6th grade 10-11 Standards

8th grade 10-11 Syllabus

8th grade 10-11 Standards

6th grade 10-11 Summer Letter

Blog Permission Form

Informed Consent Agreement

Lab Safety Contract


Blog How-to Page

Midterm Grade Sheet

Cooperative Group Jobs

A Good Heading Sample

Guidelines for Presentation Notecards

Guidelines for Scientific Drawings

Table of Contents (for Notebook)

Oral Presentation Rubric

Project Rubrics

Project Self-Assessment sheets and Rubrics

Self-Assessment Rubric

Steps to Your Goal Sheet

Storyboard Rubric Scoring Sheet

Team Project Scoring Sheet

Using Social Skills Sheet

Website Design Rubric Scoring Sheet

Science - General Science & Water Quality || Earth Science || Life Science

6th grade General Science -

Ecology Writing Prompt

Energy, Machines, and Motion (EMM) Lesson 2

EMM Lesson 3

EMM Lesson 4

EMM Lesson 5

EMM Lesson 6

EMM Lesson 7 Per 1

EMM Lesson 7 Per 2

EMM Lesson 7 Per 6

EMM Lesson 8

EMM Lesson 9

Hood Canal Youth Summit Photo Contest

Inquiry Boards

June 2, 2005 Hood Canal Youth Summit

KWL for Earth Movement Lesson

Lab Write-Up Worksheet

Science GLE and EALR document

Scientific Method

Science Survey 2007

Simple Machines Blank Timeline

Simple Machines Notes Sheet

Water Quality Letters

Life Science -

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Debrief Sheet
Teamwork Skills Debrief Sheet
7th grade Summer Letter 2007
7/8 Life Science Class Intro 2007-08
6/7/8 Math & Science Scope & Sequence
Lab Items Needed for 2007-08
Leaf Info
Mouth of Chimacum Creek Field Trip
Osmosis Lab Per 4
Osmosis Lab Per 5
Cells Drawings & Definitions
Cells Video Quiz
Table of Contents (for notebook)
7th grade Notebook Grading Sheet
Lab Write-Up Rubric
Inquiry Boards (for writing up labs)
Scientific Classification Activity

Hydroponics vs Soil Lab Write-Up

Before Watching AIT Sheet
AIT Study Guide


Earth Science -

Biomes Worksheet
Biomes Commercial Rubric
Biomes Commercial Scoring Grid

Lab Write-Up Rubric
Observation vs Inference
How do we measure and Observe?
Physical Scales of Observation
Energy Transfer Diagrams
Measurement Lab
Collecting & Interpreting Evidence Lab
Density Summarizing Questions
Density Lab
Heat and Expansion
Temperature and Density
Isostasy Initial Ideas
Isostasy Lab
Isostasy Simulator Predictions
3-D Map Initial Ideas
Earth Rocks Density Lab
Floating Crayons Lab (pdf file)
Sink or Float Quiz
Calculating Density Quiz

Earth Mov Packet #1

Earth Movement Project
World Map w/ boundaries
World Map Physical

Earth Movement Website Required Elements
WASL Practice
Energy Tranformation Activity

Earthquakes Flow Through Earth Materials
Stream Table Labs
Rocks Rock!

Team Web Scoring Page

Earth System Writing Prompt

Earthquake Info Sheet

Fossils Writing Prompt

Geology Graphic Organizer to take notes

Geology (Rocks and Minerals) Writing Prompt #1

Geology (Rocks and Minerals) Writing Prompt #2

Geology Writing Prompt Rubric

Geology Essay Required Elements!!

Geology Hyperstudio Required Elements!!!

Solar System Writing Prompt

Space Debate

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary and Illustrated Dictionary Sheet

Volcanology Writing Prompt

Volcanology Writing Prompt Rubric

Volcanology Letter to the Governor Template


Social Studies

Amazon Dilemma


Debate Debrief Sheet


Draw a Map of Your Home Social Studies Homework

Food Preparation Fact File (for Market Day and Trading Post)

Latin American Project Documents:

Market Day Documents:



Mr. González's Class Syllabus

Unit Organizer Template

Notebook Guidelines

Data About Us Binder Check

Prime Time Binder Check

Covering & Surrounding Binder Check

Bits & Pieces 1 Binder Check

Prime Time Special Number Project (p. 5 in the book)

Homework Scoring Guide (This is how I score homework!)

How to Make Math Corrections (Very Important!!!)

Class Discussion Sentence Starters

Group and Class Discussion Expectations

Guidelines for Group Work

Language Arts

Essay Scoring Guide

Greek and Latin Root Words List

Million Words or Less Assignment for Kids

Million Words or Less Assignment for Parents (This one is a .pdf file, which needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Paraphrasing vs Summarizing

The Phantom of the Opera Movie Permission Slip

Peer Editing Tips

Poetry Templates

Prepare, Assist, Reflect (PAR) document

Reading Log

SQR3/Scan-n-Run/Cooperative Groups

Strategies for Non-Fiction Text

Video Debrief Sheet

Older documents:

6th gr 3rd Tri 2009-10 Standards

7/8 3rd Tri 2009-10 Standards

6th Grade González 2009-10 Summer Letter

6th Grade Science Class Intro Letter 2009-10

7/8 Grade Earth Science Intro Letter & Syllabus

New Grading Policy for Spring 2010

Blog Letter Home to Parents

Notebook Scoring Rubric

6th grade Notebook Grading Sheet

Ch 12 Anticipation Guide - Robin Mills's

Ch 12 Textbook Treasure Hunt - Robin Mills's

Ch 12 Section 3 Outline Notes Per 1

Ch 12 Section 3 Outline Notes Per 2

Ch 12 Section 3 Outline Notes Per 6

Designing an Experiment Worksheet

Inclined Planes Activity Checklist

Earth Layers Website Questions - Robin Mills' student teacher lesson

Wiki Info Sheet (How to Edit a Wiki)

Yellow Plan Sheet (2004-05)

Web Design Class Syllabus - 8th Grade

Web Design Class Requirements

Website Critique Sheet

Tyson Project A+ Letter Home



Dream Sheet

National Board Press Release 2004

Parent Survey

Student Tech Corps Parent Intro Letter

Book Checkout Form

Chimacum Middle School Book Inventory Form

Computer Graphics and Web Design Syllabus

Computer Graphics Website Requirements

6th Grade Science/SS Class Intro Letter 2006-07

6th Grade González/Langston 2006 Summer Letter

6th Grade Science/SS Class Intro Letter 2005-06

6th Grade González/Langston 2005 Summer Letter

6th Grade Class Intro Letter 2004-05

6th Grade Science Class Intro Letter 2003-04

6th Grade Science Plan for 2003-04

6th grade 2002-03 Schedule

8th Grade Computer Graphics Syllabus

Math Letter 2004

Beginning of Year Survey 2002

Computers 2 Syllabus

Introduction to Mr. González' 6th grade Science 02-03

Lab Write-Up Procedure

Lab Write-Up Rubric

Parent Survey 2002

Parent Survey 2003

Parent Survey 2004

Science Calendar for 2003-04

Pre-Questionnaire 2003

Post-Questionnaire 2003

End of Year Survey 2003

Mrs. Mills Plate Tectonic Unit Questions for the PPT 2003