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Daily Activities
Week 5, 10/1 to 10/5

(This may change from day to day depending on how much we actually get done in class so check back often to make sure something wasn't changed at the last minute.)

Last updated on Thursday, Oct 4, 2007, 6:12pm

Daily Schedule
1st per - 7:35am to 8:37am
2nd per - 8:41am to 9:33am
3rd per - 9:37am to 10:29am
Eagle Time - 10:33am to 11:00am
Lunch - 11:00am to 11:32am
4th per - 11:36am to 12:28pm
5th per - 12:32pm to 1:24pm
6th per - 1:28pm to 2:20pm

6th grade Science:

Monday - We will continue to SCAN-n-RUN Prentice Hall Earth Science textbook, Ch 12, section 3, page 411, on Fresh Water Pollution. Then I will show students how to take notes from the text in outline format.

HW - None

Tuesday - We continued practicing taking notes in outline format.

HW - None

Wednesday - We continued practicing taking notes in outline format.

HW - None

Thursday - Once students learn how to take notes in outline format I will start to train the different teams on how to do their water quality jobs. (This will start on Tuesday of next week!)

HW - If you missed any of the notes this week here they are in Word format: Per 1, Per 2 and Per 6.

Friday - I will have a sub today as I attend a Learn & Serve Grant meeting. The Learn & Serve program has funded our Water Quality Project for years and provide the funds for all of our equipment and field trips.

Students get to work today in their teams taking notes in outline format. We have been practicing all week and they are ready!

HW - None


7th grade Science:

Monday - Today students will continue to work on identifying their plant pictures. We have some books in class for kids to use along with the following websites.

HW - We will have our greenhouse delivered today so we need soil to start planting our milkweed for the Monarch Butterfly project.

Tuesday - Students will create their 8 1/2" X 11" posters. They need to be hand drawn The class will then vote on the best posters after I make the first set of selections. The winners will be used on the online field guide that we will create! The posters needed are:

A plant classification poster (p. 246)
Vascular plants vs. Nonvascular plants
Seeds Vascular vs. Seedless Vascular
Nonvascular plants poster
Seeds Vascular plants poster
Seedles Vascular plants poster

HW - None

Wednesday - Students will get some more time to finish their posters.

We spent most of the period during 4th period and the whole period during 5th period working on the posters.

HW - Finish your posters for homework if you didn't finish to get a good grade.

Thursday - Today I got students started on resizing and renaming all their photos in preparation for creating our online field guide webs.

HW - Only to finish posters if they are still not done (I will accept them until Monday).

Friday - I have a sub today.

Students will continue resizing and renaming all their plant photos. Here are my directions for today in the order they need to be done:

1. Resize and rename all the pictures on the folder they created on their desktop so that they have a small, medium and large copy of each picture file.
2. If they are done with number 1 they can finish identifying their plants.
3. If they are done with numbers 1 and 2 they are NOT to wander and help (bother) other teams. If they wander or goof off then the other teams will too and no work will get done. In that case they are to go to the Life Science links page (the page where the links to the plant id websites are) and click on the link at the bottom of the Plant Id Resources area. On the webpage it reads: For those done identifying, resizing and renaming all their plant photos check out this website: Parts of a Flower.

HW - None



Email me if you have any questions or concerns.